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Providing reliable investments since 1999.

With 25 years of experience in mine investment, we have the knowledge and organizational strength to deliver products and opportunities that are both socially responsible and highly profitable. Our priorities are simpleā€¦ people, planet, profit. Working toward this triple bottom line,


we have achieved the following milestones:

  1.  5 clients worldwide
  2.  3 Mines spread throughout Andhra Pradesh India
  3.  500 acres of mine area comprised of 5 unique minerals
  4.  4,500 acres of land secured for future development in Andhra Pradesh India
  5.  Global presence in over 2 countries throughout the world

Company Profile

SREE VENKATESHWARA MINES, started as a small scale rock supplier was founded in 1981. KV METAL MINERS, the marketing & management team was collaborated by Kommu Sunder Bernard from 2009. With dedication and hard work very soon our performance has set the benchmark with the great product line of natural minerals. KV METAL MINERS launched its operations with a Granite reservoir initially. But our hard work and brilliant quality supply to our customers enables us to reach new horizons. Now with processing iron, ocma grade bentonite, magnesium oxide etc. in various grades, we carved a niche for ourselves as one of the best companies in the capacity of mine owners, processors suppliers and exporters.



We owe the success of the company to the qualified and experienced team, who is well versed with the production of natural minerals. They are well aware of the national and international mineral market requisites, thus always strive to improve the quality of the minerals according to the needs. Their main motive is to optimize client's satisfaction level at every cost and to accomplish this aim, they work hard based in India.



Quality is the forte of the company, thus we always endeavor to maintain the quality of the natural minerals. We have recruited skilled quality control executives, who keep a strict vigil in the production. Their diligent efforts are directed towards to assure the quality of the natural minerals and provide highly efficacious minerals to the clients.


Test equipment and facilities

In recent years, we have successfully implemented high class lab equipments recently. Each and every production facility is accompanied by well-equipped Quality Assurance labs manned by trained & qualified personnel.

Oregon Coast
Iron (Fe)
Small Realty Investment Is Mostly Multifold

Manganese (Mn)
Double Dividend Value Investment

Barytes (BaSO4)
India's Most Prefered Investment
Date May 27 2011
Grade FOB CFR China
Fe 63.5/63% 182 196-198
Fe 62/61% 171 187-189
Fe 61/60% 165 181-183
Fe 59/58% 155 172-174
Fe 58/57% 145 162-164
Fe 57/56% 126 143-145
Fe 55/54% 108 124-126

December 15th 2010

IGC Sign's MOU with KVMM!

IGC announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding ("MOU") with Kommu Venkateshwara Metal Miners (KVM) to establish a mine and export facility in Andhra Pradesh, India....

Barytes (BaSO4)
Investor seeking to invest on snow white barytes 98% specifc gravity 4.29 plus, we welcome you to million dollar business